The Ultimate Guide of “Baby Nasal Aspirators”

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4 min readAug 28, 2021

A baby is totally dependent on the mom from feeding to cleaning the potty. The things which feel a bit awkward in talking or are considered gross, mom is ready to do it for her baby without having a second thought. And cleaning a runny nose or Baby Nasal congestion of the grossest but “must to do” mom’s job.

A baby’s nose is congested due to the cold or a respiratory infection or Allergies or due to teething. Watching your baby struggling to breathe is heart-wrenching for a mother so, it’s necessary to keep your baby’s nasal passages clear and clean those fluids out to keep your baby feeding and sleeping well.

Nasal aspirators are used to clear the congested nasal passage. It is basically a device that helps you suck out the mucus from the baby’s nose and clear your baby’s nose so that he can breathe without obstruction.

There are mainly three designs in the market.

  1. A bulb syringe (old standby design)
  2. oral aspirators (manual; need parent suction)
  3. Electric aspirator ( operated with battery or power)

They all work differently. Here is the review of the top 5 best. So you can choose which suits you best for you and your baby.

1. Nose Frida Best Baby Nasal Aspirator:

When it comes to the best baby nasal aspirator, Frida baby nasal aspirator is the hands-down winner. It’s one of the best and the most popular oral suction-powered nasal aspirator for babies. This model features a disposable hygiene filter, a syringe that requires oral suction to clear your baby’s traps the mucus and collects it in a washable reservoir. Plus it comes with a saline spray to make mom’s job a bit easy. It’s small and easy to assemble which makes it travel-friendly. Other positive aspects of Frida baby nasal aspirator are; dishwasher safe, BPA free, made from phthalate-free plastic.

2. OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator:

The Occobaby Best Baby Nasal Aspirator is a Battery Operated aspirator made for every age and every stage. Its multiple nasal probe tips make it the best option for multiple babies. The tips are reusable as they are made of medical-grade silicone. So buying the filter, again and again, is out of the question. The long-reaching tip is for clog spaces. When you run out of battery you can still use it with an oral suction hose. Its compactness and single Button operation make it a great choice for you when you’re on the go.

3. BoogieBulb Best Baby Nasal Aspirator:

Bulb aspirators are used in hospitals for newborn babies to clear their nostrils. It has a silicone bulb on one end and a narrow tapered opening on the other end. First, you squeeze the bulb to remove the air then put it in the nostrils of the baby gently than release pressure on the bulb slowly all the mucus will be gathered in the bulb it’s an old method but still, If you are more comfortable with the old bulb-style nasal aspirators, the BoogieBulb is best for you. The

BoogieBulb takes the tried-and-true classic bulb syringe and improves on it and makes it cleanable and more convenient to use. BoogieBulb gives you a variety of sizes you can choose from according to your need. The BoogieBulb is designed to come apart in the middle, which lets you conveniently flush out the mucus from the bulb and keep it clean as it's dishwasher safe it is made of hospital-grade latex which is clinically proven to prevent the build-up or transfer of germs. BoogieBulb gives you a lifetime warranty.

4. Little Martins Drawer Baby Electric Best Baby Nasal Aspirator:

Little Martin is a battery-operated best baby nasal aspirator with a whisper-quiet motor. And convenient functionality makes it ideal for traveling. Its waterproof construction around the electronic components makes it safe from moisture. It’s so hygienic to use as all the parts that come in contact with the person while cleaning mucus can be removed and sterilized for future use. The silicone used in making the product is BPA-free. One suction setting makes it handy while dealing with a cranky baby.

5. Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator:

Its baby-friendly design that plays soothing music while you do your job that will not only mask the noise made by this electric-powered aspirator but also divert the baby’s attention. The Watolt Electric Best Baby Nasal Aspirator comes with silicone tips of different sizes and an LCD screen allowing you to choose between three suction levels. Its easy-to-use operating system and portable design make it travel-friendly.

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